Thursday, September 11, 2008

Dina’s haiku: "the affair" series

"the affair" series

© 2008 Dina Zaman

"we are each other"

i am hidden
so is he
the life of mistressing

"love IX"

you go in with your eyes open
but hold your heart
you must


how long more he asked
i am addicted to you
up to you, i said

"breaking up XXX"

i dreamed of your son
and he said
please give back my daddy

no, you said. no.
it's you and me and him.

"and back to love"

it took him three months
to hold my hand
for that, i love him

“the final poem”

just because it's goodbye
it does not mean
i do not love

Listen to all the haiku:

Creative process: Dina Zaman: “Many of these haiku popped out of my head and wouldn’t leave me alone. I call this new series of haiku "the affair".

Apart from trying to be spiritual this month and bettering herself for the afterlife, Dina Zaman writes a regular column in the Star paper in Malaysia.

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