Friday, January 23, 2009

Twisted by N3ko

by N3ko 

words writhe
with the salt-stench
'twixt my teeth:
electronic epiphanies
pinned in blue-black lyrics
of last decade's pop
trailing thoughts of news: dated

singing, you wring
words from wrought-iron cages,
strewn, sewn into excuses
for your serenity
or eternity,
you pick and choose
sight, prolonging plight
as you let things take
(or fake?) their course,
breaking through, not to move:
the same ruse

it is
as you make
it to be, shown
in the spaces, known
only to you
and the "You"
you speak of: sold
two for a penny, cold
you fall again
longing to return

"no no no
you'll never walk alone
on these empty streets:
I walk beside you
sword and shield, pain and pardon
never gone, life goes on
you believe
and the road is long"

help me not to despise
your hope, bright
grace unmarred
by so many crossroads
i know you'll always choose
the way back to Him

© N3ko 2009

Listen to this poem:

N3ko :  This poem began as a reaction to a blog post by a certain person. One of the things I had in mind when writing this was the blurring of distinction between divine will/guidance and the subject's own desires due to selective perception by the subject, specifically in relation to a relationship/romance. The capitalised pronouns "You" and "Him" were used in an attempt to convey this confusion, this forced reconciliation of occasional (or obvious) cross-purposes by invoking/soliloquising a higher purpose/power.

stanza 3 line 8  - "two for a penny : ref. Matt. 10:29
stanza 4 line 2  - "you'll never walk alone" : Liverpool FC anthem

N3ko is born and bred Ipohite, rarely logically coherent, terminally sceptical, usually found reading something, often found in a state of hunger or starvation.

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