Thursday, March 19, 2009

Solomon's Three


There has been a beating
It is the day

Day sinks into the shadows
Like a wife hiding bruises

Twilight offers a shoulder
And the alcohol of dissipation

Night comes
Alive and coiled

Everything is born
Everything demands its due

The sun has turned away
The moon is beaming

Three am coughs
One sip, if you please

The night tips over
Gives up the ghost

There is a rousing
It is the day

Like nothing seen before

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* * *


115 islands of the Seychelles
Strung across her shoulders
In blotches of pigment
I go to kiss the archipelago
She shrugs away
Presents a sisterly cheek
O, chaste!

Boyfriend’s back

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* * *


She forms out of the twilight
Of the trees huddled in conspiracy
The sly wind is in her cloak

She hisses a fey kiss
The kiss of a ventriloquist
An arrow from 40 paces out

It arrives with a thud
Tastes of verdigris
Clings like a claw

I tumble but not alone
The day falls like a corpse
We two have come to an end

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© Solomon 2009

Solomon's private writing is a balance to what he writes from 9-5.

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