Monday, April 20, 2009

The Sealed Voice and Lamppost

The Sealed Voice

The voice is sealed.
Listen. Gust of air
Permeates the dark room.
Dust daubs
The chained windows.
Dolorous eyes look
Upon the unopened windows.
The wallpaper of metal walls knitted.
No doors. No light.
Listen. The voice is sealed.
The windows could never be
Opened, Unlocked, Freed.

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Standing still, shivering,
I could not wring the coldness.
Under the unlit lamppost,
No human’s breath but mine.

The streetlights are luminous,
Ablaze with prolific light,
Infinite radiance,
While I am standing still, watching,
The darkness roaming,
Pervading the lamppost of mine.

The movement is not chained,
The freedom is in my hand,
To taste the bountiful
Heated light of others,
But yet,
I am standing still,
Under the unlighted lamppost,
Sealing my eyes,
With hope.

Listen to this poem:

© 2009 Nuruljannah Bte Hj Usop 

Nuruljannah Bte Hj Usop: I'm taking Bachelor of English linguistic and literature at International Islamic University Malaysia. Poetry is the platform for my emotions to roam freely without boundaries. When I start to write a poem, these emotions are my ink. Every word I use is embroiled with hidden emotions. Needless to say, I really enjoy poetry, reading and writing it.

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  1. Wow. I think I'm seeing a seriously emerging poet here. The metaphor of an unlit lamppost. The line "Heated light of others" also fits wonderfully. And the clinching lines at the end. I'm not convinced about "Infinite Radiance", however, especially "Infinite".

  2. Thank you so much for your comment. I could not help myself to be in a frenzy of excitement as I read it :D. By the way, pertaining to "infinite", what I meant is the light is endless and limitless.I want to envisage such lighted lampposts are "wealthy" as it will never go dark(the light will be perpetually incandescent.) Actually, the infinite light connotes the vast,endless gateway of opportunities and choices which would lead to a high occurrence of possible or successful things. I'm sorry if my explanation still fails to convince you..and once again thank you so much for your comment :D

  3. dreamer said, the clinching lines at the end are well chosen, and i quote: "But yet,/I am standing still,/Under the unlighted lamppost,/Sealing my eyes,/With hope." brief, rythmic lines - nice.
    your presence of mind/consciousness while composing the poem is also very impressive. (as compared to the chaotic mess and tumble of thoughts and incidental imitation that form my ill-wrought verses)



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