Friday, June 19, 2009


by N3ko

consternation - laziness
as usual, diversions surround
my shell of smoked glass

wandering the labyrinth days
i search for prismatic remnants
of her animated memories
transcribed in numbers

reflected shadows strike
long-forgotten chords
on these toneless strings,slack
and dull, still resonate
in anticipation of sunrise

struggling at dawn
to shake off those half-conscious words
conspiring simultaneous release
of torrential desperation:
flocked clouds
cozily floating in the blue-warm
sky and saturday-morning softness
wooly procrastination pulled over
my head: by now it's too late

tortured wait
for a reply:
hazed by light, love and life, she
types for a day and half, finally
those disinterested echoes reach this valley,
afternoon heat occluding the mercurial message
from the capital, a resounding 'was afk, sorry'

i know, and writhe - she's
taken, misses
him: my dull wits split
in ha
lf: i

alone, walking hand in pocket-
the road to dinner,
fences in my wandering mind.
footsteps: someone approaches
from behind (without mercy
she pursues) and passes,
(la belle dame) saying, 'Oh,Hi.'

on the kerb, i mutter
a response- she jogs on
to turn and start back. i do not want
to be misconstrued: feigning disinterest
i avoid, and keep my hand in my pocket the whole time

© N3ko 2009

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N3ko is born and bred Ipohite, rarely logically coherent, terminally sceptical, usually found reading something, often found in a state of hunger or starvation.

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