Sunday, November 29, 2009

Mak Mariam

mak mariam
by Maslina Arshad

never did i ask her
was she lonely

taking cautious steps
stopping to catch her breath
by the sofa, at the table
in the kitchen
as always
a mug in hand
talking to the cats
wishing them well
telling them off

never did she complain
about the lack of human voices,
those final days

© 2009 Maslina Arshad

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Maslina Arshad is a closet poet who is also a lawyer by day. She loves reading and is especially blessed to have married a fellow bookworm. She loves watching the rain fall, staring into space for ideas to form into words. She has been writing since many moons ago but never submitted anything to anywhere, until the existence of this webzine. She would love to publish the rest of her work someday. In the meantime she is happy chasing her son chasing the cat, somewhere in the middle of a town called Temerloh. Visit her blog, to see more of her work.

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