Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love's Altar

Love's Altar
by Pey Pey Oh

The Merry Widow’s got her red roses in the window.
She knows that love needs an altar to call it home.
She knows the symbols that sketch love’s portal open.

Heart-shaped frames, pink candles,
Rose quartz, the angora throw:
They all say, “Enter.”

Even I, who am not in the know,
Can feel the breeze in the door, the ringing phone,
The tow of the line of want, etched in the snow.

Listen to this poem:

© Pey Pey Oh 2010

Pey Pey Oh has been published in various small magazines along the way, like the ones universities publish, or Magma. Mainly she has a problem sending out things by snail mail, so if she can't hand it to you or send you an email, she's in trouble. She likes plants a lot, especially if they're aromatic, but she's really bad at watering them. Good thing it rains a lot in UK where she lives. She likes coming and hanging out with the Malaysian Poets once a year when she visits home, and loves to read at Readings. Plus, she also likes to go eating with the Food Bloggers, that's her other best activity which makes her feel more Malaysian. One of her ambitions is that she'd like to be "Awae wi' tha faeries" - and that's with a Scots accent - but mostly she's a lazy cat that needs a kicking by her friends to send out stuff. So, she thanks everyone.

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