Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Next by Nate Spears

Next year won’t be next year
If another day never arrives; Or returns

If your minutes expire
Your plan is canceled
Sky mobile;

Are you stuck with
No roll over plan?

Preparing brings awareness
Concerns brings the actions of being careful.

The next minute won’t be the next minute
If it’s stood up by the next second

If your heart stops
The breaker pops
No love
No electric

The next can only be the next
If what’s next proceeds
Time and action is splashing
The next
All over me.

© 2011 Nathaniel Spears

Born in Jacksonville, Florida where he still resides, Nathaniel Spears is a 29 year old inspirational poetry writer with a vision to change the world through his writings. Nate began writing short stories that amazed his elementary school teachers when he was only 7. However, a few years later football stole him away from writing, and this second passion followed him throughout high school and onto college, where he majored in elementary education before leaving Edward Waters College to work as a registry specialist for the University of Florida Jacksonville healthcare team.

While happy with his work, Spears had a growing concern about the world around him, especially the negativity that seems to be thrust at us from every direction. He was especially concerned about the effect being exposed to such a stream of negative thoughts and images might have on young people, and a desire to make a difference inspired him to pick up the pen again in the winter of 2008. The result became Inspiration 2 Smile, a collection of poetry that he hopes will inspire others to find joy, even in life's most challenging situations.

Nate Spears

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