Thursday, March 13, 2014

Today, Yesterday by Ananya S Guha

Today is once again a ripple of warmth,

murmur of the wind desultory, everything

is happening, with the loud speaker in a

fit of manic blaring. Doesn't matter, these things

happen as days pass in circular motion

with wind and stones narrating stories

of past. A myth walks across this land as gushing waterfalls

take on the realities, unraveling all that is hoary.

Go to Sohra and see the Nohkalikai waterfalls replete with stories

of a fallen angel rushing to death. Suicide, this word is modernist.

The past had no language, only expression, only action.


Ten years from now as the seasonal cycle will cohabit with

fluorescent malls and dancing night clubs

fireflies will gather in our mouths, on our heads.


Shall we once again dance to the tune of rippling waters, gurgling streams

and read the myths of an ancient land, timeless with boundaries overlapping

two countries, where trade flourished, and people knew how to love?



Ananya S Guha

Shillong, India

Ananya : This poem was prompted  by a Khasi myth and legend of Meghalaya, the province  which I live in, in India.

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