Friday, August 15, 2014

Moonlit Angel by Jeff Ooi

Moonlit Angel

There she stood,
By the edge of her chilly world,
Confessing her last fantasy.
With bloodshot eyes,
She looked and she panned
But no star was in sight,
Only murkiness
Dimly lit
By an ecliptic crescent
Upon a sullen night.

She swore
She beheld the presence
Of Fallen Cherubs
Humming a requiem
In euphonic harmony,
As candles fade
And wind whispers
And ravens howl
Across a paling horizon,
As joy rebirths.


Jeff Ooi, 30, loves reading and has been writing poetry since age 17. He has just finished his Diploma in Mass Communication at INTI College Subang Jaya. He is currently doing freelance in writing and photography. He is passionate about films and likes acting and doing voice overs. 
This poem is a tribute to his late cousin sister who succumbed to breast cancer back in December 2011 at only 40.

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