Monday, October 10, 2016

Poems by Gregg Dotoli


dawn spawns smoky fog
brackish herring deep sense
tidal reverse beneath warm salt air

After Paris

flowers dim-dull boring
sun a simple light
songs slightly off 
denim faded smiles
lifeaim return
joyous spirit absent
lovesick sad moon
drips hope-rays
on upside down me
lifeaim return
scarce wind my companion
lovelorn homesick dream-ache
stone lonely without Paris
love you forever
lifeaim return
this above all

New York Spell

like that forgotten song
that's reheard , sweeter and richer sounding

when leaving NY, the spell goes too
as Manhattan patient and regal rests
like a lady-in-waiting
on return, the awe and freedom falls
on the spirit
the breezy island whispers stay
this is the only place to be
this is the only place to be
this is the only place to be

Gregg Dotoli studied English at Seton Hall University and Computer Programming at NYU. He is a White Hat Hacker and works to keep organizations safe. His first love is the Arts and he enjoys the rich culture of NYC. Gregg has been published in many international periodicals, zines and anthologies.

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