Friday, September 5, 2008

Four haiku by Dina Zaman

Four haiku by Dina Zaman

inspired by Nadia's haiku

© 2008 Dina Zaman


i am remembered
when you are with another woman
and you regret

"a man"

you love cars, watches, women
and you love


i see you heave with sadness
when i leave you
so you go back to your life


and we love and fight
and know
this is one of the greatest loves
we will ever have

Listen to all four haiku here:

Creative process: Once upon a time, before that book happened and everything else, Dina Zaman wrote fiction and poetry. Her exercise in haiku was to remember a forgotten self and was inspired by a friend's vignettes about her life as a mother, wife and daughter. Dina says: “er, I just pakai tembak. They kept buzzing in my head. That's first draft, you know; can be better.”

that book” : I am Muslim, published by Silverfish Books. Read the review.
pakai tembak : randomly shoot

Apart from trying to be spiritual this month and bettering herself for the afterlife, Dina Zaman writes a regular column in the Star paper in Malaysia.

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  1. i am gratified
    my humble output led to
    this outpouring of high art!


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