Friday, September 5, 2008

"Know your enemy" by N3ko

Know your enemy

By N3ko

none but you
know or fear
this handful

of dust, this
to fate

try, please try
not to laugh
or smile even

at this dream (a mere
flutter of wings) of a butterfly
vaguely trying to be

me, my shadow
on these gaping
walls a cover, to

reveal your grace, or loftiness:
heights unreachable
by my undifferentiated unwieldiness.

© N3ko 2008

Listen to this poem:

Creative process
N3ko : imitation? plagiarism? crystallisation? maybe just a collision of the notions brought about by reading ZhuangZi, T.S. Eliot and pop comics. I'm still not making sense, no?

N3ko is born and bred Ipohite, rarely logically coherent, terminally sceptical, usually found reading something, often found in a state of hunger or starvation.

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