Wednesday, September 24, 2008

"Thoughts" by Jonny Ha


by Jonny Ha

In my eyes,
My thoughts would seek this sightly land.
In my ears
They hear the ringing wind.
In my mouth
They speak the wisdom in me.
In my mind
They ask, What's to come.
In my heart
They wish arise a fervour,
And not forget
To hold fast the first dive
Into the heart.

© 2008 Jonny Ha

Listen to this poem:

Jonny Ha wonders if what inspired him to write this piece was probably his first real relationship, which lasted nearly 6 years.

Jonny Ha has travelled and lived abroad, spending 6 years in Sibu, 6 in Kuching, 12 in New Zealand, and, more recently, 2 years in Japan. He is now back in Kuala Lumpur, tied down working for a Japanese company. He admits to not reading much, thus a limited vocabulary. Instead he spends his free time eating,sleeping, surfing the net, and weight lifting.

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