Monday, October 6, 2008

"Woman Chameleon" by Vaijyanti

by Vaijyanti Ghose

like a chameleon
on a black rock.
The thirsty sun,
looking down on me.
Rolling two eyes
in opposite directions,
following the spider
spinning its way up the green cactus.

Black then, green now,
as the long tongue flicks out
and enters the cavern of your mouth.
Whisky and cigarette melt together
on the walls of your mouth,
as your rough snake tongue flicks out to consume me.

Snake tongue on brown chameleon skin on the tree bark.

Enveloped in the putrid smell of your love,
I love and hate you,
My hands repulse as your snake coils bind me to you.
Loving and hating,
Loved and conquered,
Woman chameleon,
changing colours, hues,

Chameleon eyes,
Whirring around, looking for escape,
as the neck slowly disappears in the snake mouth opened wide.


Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the
moments that take our breath away.

© 2008 Vaijyanti Ghose

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Vaijyanti Ghose: I wrote as it came to me. There was some whisky lying around, something I have lately taken a dislike to, and I had spent the whole day looking up snakes and chameleons on the internet.

Vaijyanti Ghose says: "My mind is an independent creature, somewhat like saying, 'My mind has a mind of its own'. As the pen scribbles on my paper I read what my mind has to tell me…."

Vaijyanti lives in Delhi, India. She writes a blog called

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