Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Cain Canine

Cain Canine
By Leon Wing

His canines kill
his sibling as he keels
over and dies
in jest, learning their mother’s
ways in the paved tropics,
these kitties, so appealing
even when they can bore
a punctum as precisely as the point
on her kitchen knife can stab
into the plates of the fish,
their last repast
of the eventide, her sons
watching and waiting
for the kill

© Leon Wing 2008

Listen to this poem:

Leon Wing:  As per usual I'm writing about killing, this time in a poem.  I tend to put in some cats into my work now.  The ones in here are learning the ways of the feline world, in order to survive.  I also bring into the picture a mother and her scary sons.

Leon Wing writes poems, mostly. He “sees” shapes, colours, objects, structures, when reading them; like some people do when listening to sounds or music, as when he writes for Puisy-poesy.

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