Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Snakes and truants

Kiss Me
by Vaijyanti Ghose

Come kiss me.
I am waiting under the morning sun,
At the edge of the rock near the pool,
On the vine of red flowers.
I am the dying croak of the night,
The dry bark on your lawn,
The hunger in the pit of your stomach,
The rage pulsing in your veins.
Come kiss me,
Cradle me,
Love me,
Let me loose.................

© 2008 Vaijyanti Ghose

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by Vaijyanti Ghose

As my truant spirit plays havoc with your senses,
Sets fire to your balmy soul drenched in this sudden shower,
As these long fingers play with your burgundy tresses and
My eyes watch you arch towards me,
My heart hears you moan from some deep dark corner of your soul
And, frenzied by it, digs further into you.

And yet I know this is just for tonight.
Tomorrow you shall do this to someone else,
Look at him as though besotted,
And all you want is to be ravished by him.
I know you, girl.
This brief night you are mine.
Tomorrow will bring another.
Who can pay for you to play the part of love?

© 2008 Vaijyanti Ghose

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Vaijyanti Ghose says: "My mind is an independent creature, somewhat like saying, 'My mind has a mind of its own'. As the pen scribbles on my paper I read what my mind has to tell me…."

Vaijyanti lives in Delhi, India. She writes a blog called www.fishpoo.blogspot.com.

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