Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ashes to ashes

In Your Grave
by Solomon

Make some space.
I'll lie down in your grave with you.
I don't believe everything I say,
But let me be quoted, I will lie with you.

We took the road of no directions,
Savoured the long way, put nothing away,
Free of any nudges and kicks,
Of assets pulsing in the womb of the bank.

You admired the clever little panda
Xiao Peng, Deng
And the writer who went into the Mexican furnace
To lose and find herself amidst the mirages.

Asked where you were on the 30th of February
You told me. I laughed.
You frowned up dark rain-clouds
… how did we pass our eternity?

I am still waltzing with memories.
You never had a grave.
This slip of ash, new on my shoulder,
Is it you?

© Solomon 2009

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Solomon's private writing is a balance to what he writes from 9-5.

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