Friday, February 20, 2009



by N3ko

You would (of course)

prefer to (you should)

allow distance     to build

its walls of        solitude


between us - the South China Sea;

or the speed-shot artery

of the Peninsula? Both mingle

in double-vision.  Single


thought on my mind, I sink

still  - standing - slowly

into the mire of memory

saying: "sorry   sorry       sorry"  ...



Play     on, bleating       discordant harmonies

grating on     scaled words, along the rusty

meters,  bent allusions, broken-winged poesy

ceasing song,      finally..


And a Voice speaks (dust echoes)

hollowly: "Do not arouse or awaken

Love     until      it so desires." Wackos

like me  (LIKE me?) are so mistaken.


"Thank You for HIM" -- and everything

belongs        to YOU     (or was it Him?)

Peace prompts      a coddled soul to invoke

the unfathomable     (Send your God a poke!)


To have your heart and eat it,

and break it almost twice:

Really that bad, is it?

Well, just take my advice:


Hypocrites like me and you,

inclined to paranoid blues,

are truth-addicts,truth to be told-

Sent to earth to save our souls


so burn      your roses

while they are still red,

Come lie with me - no, not on the bed! -

Let's lie to the world, like so many have,

and make our own gods in our lives in our heads!

© N3ko 2009

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N3ko is born and bred Ipohite, rarely logically coherent, terminally sceptical, usually found reading something, often found in a state of hunger or starvation.

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