Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Incarnadine Land

The Incarnadine Land
by Nuruljannah Bte Hj Usop

The land is painted
thick incarnadine,
exuberant soldiers brandishing
death, ignoring the music
of catastrophe,
the guns playing
Sealing Immaculate screams

© 2009 Nuruljannah Bte Hj Usop 

Listen to this poem:

Nuruljannah Bte Hj Usop: The ideas simply spluttered out when I saw one poster about what was happening in Gaza. Sorrow pierced my heart, seeing a boy’s face covered in blood. Moreover, lots of people, including children, old men and women, infants, and the like, lost their lives in that war. They are helpless to do anything, just carrying on losing loved ones. Death and war are still occurring, and there is no sign of them abating.

Nuruljannah Bte Hj Usop is taking Bachelor of English linguistic and literature at International Islamic University Malaysia. 

See her other writings at http://www.annafisha.deviantart.com/


  1. Not sure about the word 'catastrophe', which suggests more of an unexpected disaster. I think there might be a better word. But, overall well written.

    The last two lines "guns playing/ Sealing immaculate screams" is a powerful, horrifying image.

  2. DI, I suspect you are so used to hearing 'catastrophe' as some kind of 'unexpected' - and natural - disaster occurring to the earth, like earthquakes, tsunami, that you find it cannot apply to some extreme loss, ruin and misfortune, like deaths.

    I rather like its use though, because the sound puts me in mind of the rat-tat-tat of guns.


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