Thursday, February 26, 2009


by Solomon

He asks why she won't talk
He won't look at her eyes
Where everything is screamed
Years pass in a murmur

He touches her alabaster shoulder
Pale and dead
From not being touched

She stands paralysed by emotions
Lashing her like spices blended
To overwhelm
To choke

He: I fell into your path
Like an accursed star, didn't I?
She: Why did you love me?
I was always ugly with honesty

He: It's not that I loved you
But more that I loved myself
Carrying the burden of loving you
He is brutal with himself. She loosens.

He: I loved you sad,
Broken and hurting
Less when you were glinting
Like a kite

She: Is this our reprieve?
Bring your lips closer
Push that word into my mouth
Make this golem stir

She raises her head, knowing
She's generous with one
Who should be held down
Under water

She: Will you be like before
When we spoke from dawn
Till shadows grew long
When we had a beginning?

He hugs her a thousand words
She takes them as a kindling
The lost years waft up
To that silent watching Word

© Solomon

Listen to this poem:

Solomon's private writing is a balance to what he writes from 9-5.

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