Saturday, October 24, 2009


by J.Y. Lou

One window with Venetian blinds drawn,
another with curtains.
I can seldom read you.
But when I do,
you let escape a ray from the rising sun
or a living poem of a half-dried leaf wind-flung.
When you draw aside a breath of veil,
I glimpse the you in the centre of your 'verse.
A brief, short-lived view of
what could've been
but never will.
I so seldom see you now.

©  2009  J.Y. Lou

Listen to this poem:

J.Y. Lou: Creative process? From looking at a wall with two windows, a simple exploration of relationship, feeling and the possibility of something once.

A former worker in newspapers and magazines, J.Y. Lou is now an explorer of the simple, down-to-earth life.

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