Tuesday, November 3, 2009

twosome solomon

by Solomon

They’re filtering pain

Making it pure

Making it potent

Labelling it

A distillate of life

A potion of clear rush

Wear around your neck

Take it

When you feel

Too damned good

© Solomon  2009

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by Solomon

You're the cave man's dream
Turning your head kindly to be hit
Want to be dragged away like meat
Offer your sweetness so carelessly

When the shadows come out to prowl
When the light is afraid to be seen
You stand in the silver beams
Clueless lunatic looking for an embrace

The time is new, love not yet born
Sacrifice is not yet part of it
Taking is the only thing
Crushing the petals for fragrance

© Solomon 2009

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Solomon's private writing is a balance to what he writes from 9-5.

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