Sunday, March 6, 2011

Magnolia Song & Tightrope

Magnolia Song

by Wrulf Gunkl VonGlashaus

(for The Beloved and in honour of Arthur Rimbaud)

… the magnolias are far away – still, I sing, begging
them for bridges to
brood with stanzas of butterflies
in the suffocation around and
heat mocking the sea where once we walked the shore
beneath the cruel commas of hawks
showering seraphimic curses,
pink roses upon storms
flung upward from spotted, inverted baskets, northern Iranian
the cavern between the olive-minuet of your eyes and
mine absconding their color from above and knitted by
anguished waves stumbling, floundering
into lunar mercury,
the slant of scouring rain
throwing blue into our faces
in cadences
dribbling from
lemons and leaves of tea, strong with riots
of black peppers hurting our tongues
along the central street
of our knowing, speaking
without riddles
yet wrapped about our shoulders
with brazen mysteries hovering above
the staring magnolias
which now have crowded in...
… though I still sing
and always will...

… of you...



by Wrulf Gunkl VonGlashaus

Sh-h-h!... the cat leaves feathers of silence
for footprints as she glides,
and refraining from knocking her off-balance,
the wind holds its breath
because it is hypnotized
by the grace and mystical communion
of cat-feet with the tightrope of the moon
along the windowsill of night...
Sh-h-h!... even the silence is mesmerized!...

All poems © 2011 Wrulf Gunkl VonGlashaus

Wrulf Gunkl VonGlashaus was born in 1950 and started writing creatively at a young age. He's published a novel and a collection of original asphorisms, as well as written flash fiction, poetry and short stories. Currently, he is Assistant Director of The Pueblo Poetry Project, in Pueblo, Colorado, USA.

Magnolia Song is a surrealistically symbolistic portrayal of a lover and the poet in Azerbaijan, not far from the Iranian border.

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