Sunday, March 6, 2011


by Elaine Foster

Yes you love the ocean
It will drift you where it wants
And drown you at any given chance
Yes the ocean is wild and mighty
It’s surf will push you forward
It’s tide will pull you further
To think you can out swim it
Or hold your lungs and breath forever
Is reckless and foolish, a sentence to death at best.
And yes, to feel reckless and wild and foolish is to feel free
And yes the spray on your face is invigorating and makes you feel alive
And yes the way it’s waves beat you down and throw you around
Is terrifying and terffific all at once.
But just once I wish you’d hold my hand while drowning in the sea.

© 2011  Elaine Foster

Elaine Foster is a spoken word poet, part-time writer and drama workshop facilitator. She specilaises in teaching performance poetry and poetry slam and organises and hosts the not so regular  KL Poetry Slam. Elaine trained under Word Forward teaching poetry slam to secondary school children in Singapore and currently is a part time trainer for KLPAC's Academy. She continues to volunteer with Fallen Leaves, a community forum theatre group based in Batu Arang who work  with underprivileged urban poor teens, recovering drug addicts, people with HIV/AIDS and Myanmar refugees. Her next big  project is working with Harvest, a community school in Sentul to produce an ensemble poetry performance with the underprivileged teens who go to school there. Elaine wishes, as all writers do, that she read and wrote more.

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