Friday, April 29, 2011

Diligent Hypocrisy

by Sarah Rani

The sombre street fills with emptiness,
As echoes of cries resonate within these walls,
Ghosts of the past linger in the darkness,
Translucent amber,
A limp body descend into the ground.

A heavy step dragging this battered body,
Don't bury me.

Drowning in your acid bath,
A disease you say,
We pay with our lives and you survive.

Break this shackle around me,
Breaking your pretentious vision of reality.

You hold the key of silence,
People are dying in your empire,
Ignorance is your insolence,
Genocide in your written agenda.

Blinded by your vision,
Hush now - you say,
No need for resurrection
As you darken our day.

© 2011  Sarah Rani 

Diligence Hypocrisy is about people who are being oppressed by the larger community because of the cultural rules. It also symbolized by people who are struggling with restriction of traditional cultural values and wanting to break free from stereotypes. 

Sarah Rani is a graduate of BA in TESOL from Curtin University, Perth, Australia. She is a candidate doing M.ED in TESL. She has taken creative writing during herundergraduate years and planning to focus on writing in my Masters degree.

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