Friday, April 29, 2011

FRANKINSTEIN et al by Clinton Van Inman


Color coded complete with picture I.D.
We’ll teach you to be like us.
Give you a turtle neck or bow tie
You will be our kind of Mensch
Complete with certificate of authenticity
Credit rating and charge account,
Security, savings, and even disability.
We’ll teach you how to walk and talk
in circles as if you had some sense.
We will give you some brand named shoes
We’ll even call you Frank or Frankie
We gave you a brain doesn’t matter
Which for they all are just the same,
But why are you still reaching for

         NO IN MY NOEL

I learned at an early age
What happens to all snowmen,
Why the fake beards

As I sat upon his lap
And took his hard candy.
Now there is only no in my noel.

But I fool them in my
Berry reds and holly greens
Perpetual as prize ribbons

Now New Years breaks with bad breath
While the world awaits with
Its perfect white teeth, I run like a gnome.


It was no accident my coming here,
They must have known long before
I wandered to their farmhouse near
That soon I’d knock upon their door.  

Call it more than a good neighbor’s sense
In snow to leave the porch lamp lighted
Or post the sign on the picket fence,
For those in need are all invited.



Dragged before white cake    
I dare choose only      
Mono in my gamous
Before the life sentence of I do.
I will learn to settle
Down to yard work and
Become a tinker in my trade
Before the perturbations prove
Too much for me with
More patience than a starfish,
My topsails are still flapping.
Run Jane run
And drag some
Other toad of a prince
Before you!


If we could dance just one more night away
Filled with champagne and candlelight,
In hours held by our own delight,
Only this and this alone would please.
Like Chablis mixed with sweet bouquet
In moments we soon shall not forget
Save all not close to the clarinet,
Where only perfume and tobacco lingers
Our love shall rise above all of these.
While we tango upon the outer terrace
Moonbeams shall fall upon your face,
And I shall say that nothing really matters
Except this time that we have passed
Because we have saved our best for last.

© 2011 Clinton Van Inman

Clinton Van Inman is a high school teacher in Hillsborough County, Florida.  He is 65 and a graduate of San Diego State University. He was born in England.  He has had many publications throughout the years.  Recent publications are, Tower Journal,  The Hudson View, Winter 2011,  Inquisition Poetry, and, to name a few.  These poems are included in a forthcoming book called, “The Last Beat,” as he believes Beatniks like him are a dying breed.

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