Sunday, June 19, 2011


by Wrulf Gunkl VonGlashaus

It was the glorious terror of an instant when
the sun was lost in the moon - and
the explosion shook the hair out of
the world into our abyss
nourished by the blinding light,

… enraptured and captive, we ran and hid
then dared to play,
first, you were the sun and I was the moon,
next, you the gem
haunting the silken web of night...

… and the explosion still
shakes our abyss
nourished by our enraptured eyes filled
with the terrifying
glory - of a joined moon and sun...

© Wrulf Gunkl VonGlashaus 2011

Wrulf Gunkl VonGlashaus was born in 1950 and started writing creatively at a young age. He's published a novel and a collection of original asphorisms, as well as written flash fiction, poetry and short stories. Currently, he is Assistant Director of The Pueblo Poetry Project, in Pueblo, Colorado, USA.

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